Atomstack A30 JST connector size?

Hi folks.
I recently bought an Atomstack A30 Pro, which so far has only given me a couple of easily solved issues, however i would like to connect a short extension to the laser module so i dont have to fiddle with the (poorly designed) connector.
Does anyone know what size the JST connector is for this module? It’s 5-pin but apparently they are sized by pitch too, which i have no way of measuring.

Thanks in advance.

Not 100% sure but I think it is Type H

I bought this kit ( last year. I found that just about everything (but not always) was either PH2.0 or XH2.54 (XH2.54 was the most common), and this kit usually had what I needed. Measure the distance between the pins. If you don’t have a really good metric ruler, I would get one, you will find yourself using it a lot. Cheers.

Vernier calipers would probably be more useful and accurate you can swap inches/mm at the push of a button.

You broke my brain a bit. Is a caliper still a vernier caliper if it offers a push button readout?

Vernier is the correct name as far as I know, Calipers is what they are commonly called. I haven’t seen an old one without being digital in ages.

Aha! Why didn’t i think of that? I have some digi vernier calipers! Must be my age…

Thanks for the replies guys. Just so happens that theres a guy not too far from me sells the cables on Ebay, so once i figure out the pitch i will go see him (or take the module to match up)

Once again, thanks!

I’ve always understood the use of vernier in the name to indicate that a vernier scale was being used. This seems inherently analog to me. However, I see plenty of “digital vernier calipers” being sold so I’m wondering if the differentiation doesn’t exist or if the term has been genericized.

Anyway, nice to get the brain in a twist to reevaluate things.

I think the term ‘digital vernier calipers’ was chosen so as not to freak out the older engineers (like me).
I still remember using the old school calipers, some huge ones too! Always sending them away to be re-calibrated, even though we had the blocks to do that ourselves (insurance scam).

Good to see someone who knows there is a difference between vernier scale and main scale. Digital by definition (divisions of 10s} has to be Vernier scale, and that is why Digital Vernier is like ATM Machine (Automatic Teller Machine Machine)

While I whole heartedly agree, my metric ruler is always sitting right in front of me, so it’s the first thing I grab if I need an approximate measurement. I get the digital calipers out when I’m designing something, or I REALLY need to know the exact size. Point well taken.

Lol, I keep calipers on my coffee table. I use them that often. Rulers are mostly just straight edges for me. Very seldom used for measurement. Over 12", I switch to a straight edge, square, or tape. My old standby is a Stanley 12’ graduated in 10ths. Imperial Fractions are such a pain in the arse.

At work (BIG machine and fab shop), the old guys call them “verniers”. As PY intimated, a Vernier scale is a mechanical measuring scale and not applicable to analog dial or digital measuring tools. Analog micrometers use a Vernier scale wrapped around a cylinder, so one could potentially call those “Verniers” for shorthand as well, but old and young alike call them “mics”. I’m not exactly young, but I couldn’t tell you why.

Okay, so the connection is a JST PH 2.0. I just bought a short (6") extension, nicely made up with braid and heat-shrink. This will make removal/cleaning a damn sight easier.
The guy sells them on Ebay if anyone else needs one? Sellers username is ‘Misterfred1’.

Thanks for all the replies folks.