Atomstack A30 Pro, Quit and reopen? Out of Bounds?

Ty, this solved the original question, but now I have two more

  1. Every time I start a new LB project I have to quit and reopen
  2. How do I get rid of the out of bounds pop up

It’s best to share how you solved the first problem because a lot of us really want to know.

We’d also appreciate a new thread with a new problem.

I grabbed your questions out of the end of the solved thread and started your new one because that will be faster for all of us. :slight_smile:

How are you ‘Starting a new LightBurn Project’ are you clicking File, then New? Please walk me through it so I can follow.

Other Problem

It’s like the old joke about my arm that hurts when I do this…

LightBurn has a Preview Window that will show how Overscan requirements can exceed the outside edge of an image when engraving.

In the top row in LightBurn, click Window and about two lines down click Preview. In the Preview window, there’s a switch near the bottom that says “Show traversal moves”, turn that switch on.

Do you have a mouse with a scroll wheel? It’s almost a necessity right now. Using the scroll wheel, zoom out and around in the preview window and see where you’re going out of bounds.

If I could have you spend more time helping me and not telling me how to follow the rules on this board, I would appreciate it

Certainly, I look forward to reviewing the requested information.

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