Atomstack A40 Help - Please

I just received a new Atomstack A 40 Pro. I have contacted Atomstack with this problem but I get no response. Maybe someone on here can help. It is supposed to achieve 30,000 mm/min but I can only get it to move at about 6000 mm/min. the baud rate is set at 115,200. Should it be set at a different rate? If baud rate is not the problem, what do I do?

This is unlikely to have anything to do with baud rate.

How are you determining this speed?

Even if advertised at this speed it’s unlikely that the laser will spend any appreciable time at this speed. I’ve just taken a look at the laser and the mass on the laser module assembly would likely take an appreciable amount of time to reach top speed. I’d be surprised if top speed were ever achieved before needing to decelerate again at the end of travel.

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