Atomstack A5 20w Shake issue X Rotary

Hi everyone.

I have 6 days with my aAtomstack A5 20w, and everytime im engraving the base of the laser shakes.

I check the belt and its fine tight, not so much. Also the screws on the base of the rotary with the laser are set tight.

Anyone know how to stop the shaking ?

Video of the issue

Hi there,

I for one don’t want to have a download a video to see the issue, perhaps IMGR or another host would be preferable?

It looks like the bottom support wheel is loose or missing. The guide wheels are still on top, however there should be a bottom wheel under the rail that provides tension.

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Thank you so much. It was that. It was my first time uploading a video in here, i promise ext time put in Imgr . I really apreciatte your time to respond me.

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No worries, welcome to laser engraving/cutting and the forum. Pretty new myself, hope it all worked out for you.

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Thank you, its great forum with great people. See you around :slightly_smiling_face:

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