Atomstack a5 30w


I just purchased an Atomstack a5 30w laser. When trying to setup my laser with Lightburn it would not automatically find my device. In my research I found that the my laser head should be a GRBL, so I installed it manually. I am guessing it may be incorrect as your software does not fulling understand commands. Also, all the functions of our software are available to me, ex; fonts will not work.
suggests on how to solve my issues.
Also I downloaded the CH 340 driver to connect to my laser, Iā€™m not sure if its the right one?

Did you search this forum for Atomstack A5 setup? There are several posts related to this.

I did, nothing there related to my issues.

Did you download GRBL or LaserGRBL?

Im also new with he same machine. Do you install Lasergrbl ? if you do, download the driver in the tools tab. Later close and open the software again and connect the laser so the software can recognize it. I did it like that and i didnt have problems using after with Lightburn.

Just in case try another USB dock. If you have connected the pc with ethernet, ive read before you to have to do something with your ip adress. Hope any of the previous help you.

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