Atomstack A5 M40 doesn't cut anymore

My Atomstack A5 M40 (bought at official Atomstack shop in may) does not cut simple plywood anymore, from one day to the next.

I haven’t changed the lightburn settings.

Dissasambled the laser and cleaned it. No improvement

No AirAssist until now (couldn’t be installed because the plexi window ist glued to the housing, not screwed).

Tried different plywood suppliers. No improvement.

My settings for cutting 4mm plywood until now: 300mm/min, 90% power, 3 runs.

Anybody an idea what the Problem could be? Please :sob:

Thanks in advance.

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The type of plywood, density of the piece, the batch run, the manufacturer, the glue used, and even humidity can double the workload.

One member suddenly had a failed lens.

An inadvertent speed change (with the same number… Like 70) to inches per minute from mm per minute would command the work to proceed just over 25 times faster.

An adjustment to S Value max in Device Settings, or $30 in the Machine Settings can cause this too.