Atomstack A5 M40 Pro Issues with Y axis moving during cutting

I am new to laser engraving please bare with me. I have set up my Atomstack and was running it and getting used to everything thru Lightburn, and than i decided to build an encloser for the smoke to be able to run in my office. When i installed he machine into the elcosure I started to have issues with it . at the time that i put it into the encloser i was also asked ot update Lightburn to version 1.3.01

The Issue that i am having is htat when i run a program. The laser fires fine and moves along the X axis just fine but will not move along the Y axis so it just sits on the one line and burns all the way through. Fist though was i thought the stepper motor ( thinks thats what you call them ) was out I also have checked all the wiring to make sure they are all secure as well and are fine. The funny part is that when i do a farming of the project it will run just fine and move along both x and y axis as it should … I dont know if some setting in Lightburn could be off. Clearance is more than adquet and i have taken it out of the encloser as well to test with the same results.

Any suggetions. and if its a motor any suggestions on where to purchase replacement parts ?

thank you

AtomStack A5 M40 Pro
Lightburn 1.3.01
Win 11 Desktop

Can you move the laser in all directions using the jog controls in Move window? Does the laser move smoothly and quietly?

If so, it’s likely not the stepper.

Did you make any configuration changes when you installed the enclosure? And can you confirm that the laser was working fine before putting it into the enclosure?

Can you provide the following:

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded. Please have Laser window and Cut windows showing.
  2. run these commands in Console and return output:

Yes the laser was working fine prior to putting it in the enclosure…
yes i can move the laser in all directions smoothly with the move controls as well

Command 1
Target buffer size found

Command 2


Command 3


Command 4

There is the infor you asked for thank you for your assistance

I don’t see anything obviously wrong in the output.

Can you upload a full LB screenshot with Cuts and Laser windows showing please?

This is the last that i know i ran that came out fine

The fill interval is unusually small. Are you sure it’s not working correctly but just taking a long time to complete the fill based on the unusually small interval?

I suggest taking a look through the preview to confirm.

What would you recommend as a setting for this ?

Typical default would be 0.1 mm for interval.

Thank you yes itwas that setting that was off and i will try with your recommendations of .1 and see how it goes thanks you very much for taking the time to help me out with this issue

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