I need the firmware for the Atomstack A5 M50 that orginally came with this laser. I was getting double images when trying to burn and Atomstck Support had me flash my Windows 10 controller with the X7 Pro version of their firmware which does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am totally new to Laser Engraving. Thank you

Didn’t work or didn’t fix your problem ? this one for the X7 worked on my A5 M50
X7V2022052301.bin.txt.txt (4 MB)
Remove .txt from file name

I will try it Chris.I really appreciate it so much.The LAHobby Guy on Youtube said I would need original one.I am willing to try anything.Thak you…Thank you so much. You are only one who has tried to help me. God bless. Rick

Do not try to hold on to this perspective. Chris got here first but there many members of this forum that are extremely helpful.

Now if you are talking about vendor support, yeah, get used to it. There are very few good ones.

Yep there are plenty of us on here that will help when we can, someone has to be first so really depends on time zones you may get 10 answers in an hour or wait a few hours for people to wake up or get home from work.

Yes…I was talking about vendor support. All in this forum have been very helpful. I was even told by
Atomstack support I was being too picky about firmware. Lol either it works or it doesn’t! It’s their firmware!

Picky ??? I bet they didn’t mention that if you have WiFi you NEED to update to latest firmware to be able to turn WiFi on.

Just wanted to take a minute and say " Thank You All". You are all great people and I thank you so much, Rick.

You all sorted out?

Yes, Is working great. Thanks to all of you my Atomstack A5 M50 is back up and running.
I will post some results soon. Thank you all sooooo Much!

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