Atomstack A5 M50 pro; Kalibrierversuch schiefgelaufen

habe versucht die Achsen über “machine settings” zu kalibrieren.
Seither funktioniert das “Homing” nicht mehr richtig.
Y-Achse fährt wie bishermit normaler hoher Geschwindigkeit; x- Achse nur noch in Zeitlupe.
Bin mit techn. Support Atomstack in Kontakt; aber leider ohne Erfolg.
Habe den Controller neu geflasht jedoch ohne Wirkung.
Wäre toll wenn mir jemand helfen könnte!

Homing is done by controller itself, not lightburn so i would suggest a few things

If you reflashed your firmware, in console window type
Press enter

press enter
press enter
press enter
(copy the full output of console to a notepad so you can paste here)

at this point power off machine and unplug power and usb

Plug JUST power, move head to center
power on machine and monitor homing.
You could maybe even record in video and upload to youtube?

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vielen, vielen Dank.
Damit funktioniert es wieder!!!
Hast was bei mir gut.
Wenn ich Dich weiter fragen darf:
war ich eigentlich richtig bei Maschineneinstellungen mit dem kalibrieren der Achsen x-y?
Wenn ja, wie mache ich es richtig?

Great news

Normally - on standard brand machines - you should NOT need any stepper calibration.

If your shapes are not correct, which you can check by running the test below and post a picture, this means something in the hardware is not correctly set.

I would imagine, if that is the case, the main culprits are in order:
a) belt tension
b) loose sprokets/couplers on the Y syncro shaft
c) slack on the wheels vs frame

Run the test and post, it will be very telling

Dot Test with Angle.lbrn (46.3 KB)

Hi Gil,
is it allowed to send you message witch end in the solution to send to atomstack?
the technical support is interestesting!!
i would send your message in copy with your name to them if you aggree.

Of course, you can send
They know me well :slight_smile:

RMC on facebook might be able to help as well

The result of the image is the most important though

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