AtomStack A5 Pro 40W UPGRADE

Anyone aware of an option to buy more powerful laser module than what comes standard on the AtomStack A5 Pro 40W?

This is a fairly commonly asked question. The major things to look out for are to be aware that your laser is a 12V system and that an increase in laser module power may require an upgrade to your power supply current rating.

As far as specific laser modules take a look at this post:

I’ve heard that both xTool and Atomstack are soon to release quad-diode lasers so that may be something you want consider as well. Looks like the Atomstack requires 24V so you’ll likely need to supply power separately. I’m not aware of the xTool module’s requirements.

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@berainlb - No doubt I should veer away from yet another tempting rabbit hole. But thank you for taking time to submit a reply.

Let us know where you end up with this or if other questions come up. There are lots of folks on here that have done swaps that can give you specific feedback.