Atomstack A5 pro issue with Lightburn

Hi ;
I’m cutting multiple squares with Atomstack A5 pro using lightburn, when i close the lightburn it doesn’t start same position :frowning: every single time i need to set position with my hand. I saved gcode but it doesn’t working.
I’ll appreciate any suggestions

Stock Atomstack A5 pro does not have homing switches and does not home as far as I know. Can you confirm this is the case for you?

In that case, you will need to manually home the laser by putting the laser head at the front-left of the machine when you power-on. That position will be set as 0,0 and your controller and LightBurn will know where things are on the laser. Make sure you never manually move the laser head by hand after homing as the controller will not be able to track those movements.

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