Atomstack A5 Pro laser moves but won’t fire

I just got my new Aromstack A5 Pro + and was extremely excited to try Lightburn with it but it’s not working. Everytime I press play-the laser goes through the functions and moves as if it’s cutting/engraving but the laser doesn’t fire. I’ve tested the laser using LaserGRBL and it works just fine so it’s not an issue with the Atomstack laser itself. I’m currently using a MacOS Monterey 12.4. Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening so I can get started with Lightburn. Thanks!

Can you provide the following:

  1. Screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  2. Full screenshot of LightBurn with Laser window and Cut window showing.

hopefully this resolves it! thanks!

Is the situation that the laser light is not coming on at all or that you’re not getting markings even with the laser light on?

Your current cut setting speed is 6000 mm/s. That’s really fast. I assume you’re expecting this to be in mm/minute. You probably want to change the display units to mm/min. Do this in Edit->Settings.

Then change the speed to something closer to 6000 mm/min which is what I assume you’re actually after.

I was able to change the settings and now the laser light comes on-but it’s not cutting/engraving

Continue to decrease speed and/or increase power until it burns.

It worked!!! Thank you!

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