Atomstack A5 pro on set up

Has anyone ever had a machine that’s like an erratic robot on first start up???
I have had this machine 20 months and have never done a damn thing on it? I am not a gimp, I am an electrician and pretty good on computers or so I thought?? Anyways even after watching tons of videos on YouTube especially Ritch from the Louisiana Hobby Guy site, I am no nearer to a simple basic start up…I contacted Lightburn here in the UK and got a reply which included 2 short video’s I followed and guess what?? No difference :pensive: I am hoping someone on here has a magic wand in their heads and can help me out before I put a hammer to this £450 machine ( Air assist included) and end my frustration before going out to possibly waste more of my hard earned pittance of an income.

I responded to your similar Topic on this yesterday:

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