Atomstack AC1, Ortur Lm2 Pro, Ubuntu Linux questions

I think this question an go here,

I jsut got the atomstack camera AC1 I have it working under Unbuntu linux. I have had this issue with a different camera under windows but thought it was jsut the cheap camera.

When I setup everything I take an overlay image of my work surface I then do a test to see how accurate it is. it seems to be off when it burns. it is off. how can I correct or compensate for this?

As you can see when I wanted my circle and when it actually burned it.

The other image when the camera window is active it goes full width of the screen sometimes.

I am running the recommended version of ubuntui, and 1.14.00 of light burn

I know I had a cheap webcam working to align my work and it was pretty accurate



When you get to this point, there are overlay offsets to make the final correction:

It’s in the Last image on the Documentation page.

X Shift and Y shift will allow you to nudge the image to correct the location.

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