Atomstack cable management

Howdy Folks,

Wondering what everyone is doing for cable management on Atomstack lasers. I’ve got an X20 pro and would like to add a drag chain for Y, at the least l, but can’t really find a happy spot that will work with/without the risers. The Y limit switch seems to be the biggest issue.

Anyone have some ideas?

Bonus points for pics!


No bonus points for you. Can you move the y limit switch so it’s in a better spot? (I have no clue what your laser looks like at all)

I don’t see a lot of options for moving the switch. My thought was perhaps some wiring extensions to give a bit more slack.

Extensions sounds like a good way to get a short or disconnect. The best option is probably to run new wires entirely if you’re looking for more length. I’m not an expert though, so keep that in mind.

I used a simple 3d printed part to keep the cables from touching the bed/the work piece.

The X20 seems identical from the mechanical point to the s10.

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Agree that it’s not an ideal situation. Atomstack does sell a frame extension kit that comes with wiring extensions so was thinking of possibly going that route for just the wiring.