Atomstack looks like it is burning but isn't

Sorry if this has been addressed before- I don’t see it. I just got an AtomStack a5 40. I got Lightburn installed just fine. It is connected. I have watched countless videos, and read the documents. When I try to burn something, it looks like it is doing it, but nothing shows up? Also it says my home has not been set up in my GRBL settings? I have tried turning auto home on and off. It does not change anything. I can use the laser fine with the Laser GRBL program, but I would prefer Lightburn. Is there a setting I am missing???

In the bottom right hand corner of you screen in Lightburn there is a bit about your device. If it says on ‘auto’ change this to the other driver in the drop down box. If this doesn’t fix it keep the new driver selected and then click in ‘console’. You will see a line that says ‘type command’. In that bit type ‘$32=1000’ press enter. Then type ‘$30=1’ then press enter. Now see if it will engrave.