Atomstack M40 laser module focus

I bought the new Atomstack M40 laser module to replace the lower wattage laser module on my NEJE 2S pro.
The M40 unit is a fixed focus type unit and the optimum focal point is supposed to be about 1/8" below the base.
When I ran a slanted board focus test the laser cut the finest line when the base was touching the material … indicating the focus point was not far enough out.
There is a setscrew holding the diode unit into the housing so I loosened it and moved the diode unit a bit farther toward the base.
Now when the base is touching the material I get a wide line that thins out as the material distance increases.
Now the focus is set at the right point so that the line starts out wider, then gets finer, and then gets wider again as the material moves away from it.
Bad factory quality testing as this module would have had problems cutting 4mm plywood with the focal point set where it was.
Just posting this so any other AtomStack M40 user will be aware.


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