AtomStack Maker Li Z Axis Adjuster

I have an Atomstack X30 Pro and was thinking of ordering the Atomstack Maker Li Z Adjuster. Does anyone have any experience with this. Is it worth the money.

It essentially looks like the one I bought for my Ortur LM2 Pro (I’ve gone through 2 or 3 different styles) and I absolutely love it. No wiggle, no wobble, very smooth and solid. They had been running about $70, so when it dropped to below $40, I jumped on it. Glad I did. If it’s anything like the one I bought I think you’ll be happy. It also had more travel than the one I had been using, so you might want to check that on this one.

Thanks for the reply. One question i have: Is it easy to remove the laser head for cleaning or do you have to remove screws.The way it is now i can just slide the laser head up and off for cleaning.

I don’t remove my laser when I clean it. The design of my enclosure (removeable work bed) allows me to easily get under the laser to clean the lens. I was engraving some tumblers which is why the honeycomb bed is removed. Lots of room to get underneath.