Atomstack R1 on a K40 using minigerbil 3

Hi guys.
My friend has a K40 like machine, just bigger. 40 x 50 cms work area, adjustable bed and much more room to accomodate a roller rotary attachment. It’s being controlled with a Minigerbil 3 and Lightburn.

His current rotary was built my me, using an Amazon bought roller system and replacing the original stepper motor with one we took from an actual K40. We managed to make a removable connection using aviator plugs, so he can swap easily between the rotary and the Y gantry axis.
It works fine, but we want to move to a chuck type rotary.

So, we came upon the Atomstack R1 rotary, which is meant to be used on their diode systems. Could this small rotary be plugged directly to the Y axis terminal on the MG3?

We do really really want to avoid having to install a separate stepper driver :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I can’t find any good specifications for the R1 but if it’s designed for 24V systems then it can likely be made to work. All of these commodity lasers have standardized to similar bipolar steppers.

The danger is if the R1 is underspecced and burns out from the driver configuration on the MG3 at 24V.

I just contacted AwesomeTech, the creators of MiniGerbil. Hopefully. I’ll get a response and share it here.

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