Atomstack S10 : Error 20 unexpected Gcode

Yo tengo el mismo problema, me sale el siguiente mensaje de error:
error: 20
Se encontró un comando de código G no admitido o no valido en el bloque
En o cerca de la linea 0:
Trabajo detenido

I have the same problem, I get the following error message:
error: 20
Unsupported or invalid G-code command found in block
At or near line 0:
job stopped

I have moved this to your own thread so you can get the focus of the community on it.

Open the Console window in LightBurn.
Select the small switch on the right hand side of the Console window that says, “Show all”
Attempt the Job that produces the error.
When the error message arrives, select and copy the text from the Console window into a reply here.

We should see this unexpected Gcode that is creating the error.
Below I have pasted the copied error message and bad code:



Starting stream

john-john put bad code here to test the thing :slight_smile:

G00 G17 G40 G21 G54




G0 X29.168Y29.025

G0 Z0

Layer C00


G1 X7.5F18000S0


Numeric value format is not valid or missing an expected value.

On or near line 0:

Job halted

Stream completed in 0:00


El mensaje de error que aparece es:

The error message that appears is:

Captura de pantalla 2022-11-08 a las 19.45.19

En cualquier caso, he desinstaladlo la versión 1.2.04 y he instalado la 1.0.02 y ha desaparecido ese poblema. Mi problema con la versión 1.0.02 es que no me reconoce el R3 Pro Rotary Roller.
Gracias por su respuesta

In any case, I have uninstalled version 1.2.04 and installed 1.0.02 and that problem has disappeared. My problem with version 1.0.02 is that the R3 Pro Rotary Roller doesn’t recognize me.
Thanks for your reply

I am having the exact same issue. I just got this laser and am running the latest trial of LightBurn. if I save the gCode and run it directly on the laser it works fine.

If you were willing to attempt 1.2.04 again, I would invite you to save your gcode file for inspection. Error at or on line zero can be caused by selecting iLaser instead of GRBL in the Laser window. This selection adjusts the gcode correctly for the iLaser but it can generate this error on other devices.

Please copy the Error 20 message you are getting from your Console window along with a few lines on each side so we might help with this. Also, if you are willing and interested in attaching a g-code file into a reply here that would be helpful and very interesting.

I had my device set to “iLaser”.
I have configured it as GRBL and it works perfectly

Hola, tengo problemas con error 20 codigo g

Hello, I have problems with error 20 g code

In this thread the problem was selecting iLaser instead of GRBL for the Device Profile.

You may have made the same selection in error.