Atomstack S20 PRO Y-axis Tip

Hi Everybody! (in my Dr. Nick voice)

If any of you are having issues with your Atomstack S20 Pro not moving at all or not moving smoothly on the y-axis, you may want to check the wheels that allow it to slide on the rail. I’d been having no problem with getting the x-axis to respond to LB, however, when trying to get it to home, it would simply vibrate after the x-axis travel was completed, thus never allowing it to successfully ‘home’. After making sure that the belt tension wasn’t too high and the wiring for both stepper motors were good (even switched them to be sure), I noticed that moving the x-axis motor assembly on the rail by hand was much easier than the y-axis…the y-axis motor assembly was not only harder to move, it also felt a bit ‘clunky’. I loosened the top wheels up just a bit and that solved the problem. Apparently they were tightened just a bit too much from the factory, and since I hadn’t seen anyone mention this on any forums or searches as a possible cause for the original problem, I wanted to share it with you all in the hopes that it saves someone else the frustration…hope this helps, thanks! :nerd_face: