Atomstack s20pro installing ATOMSTACK AIC1 Auto Assist System

Hi first post fitting a ATOMSTACK AIC1 Auto Assist System to my Atomstack s20pro watching installation video shows fitting adaptor lead from 4pin to 3pin to laser connection when laser has 4pin connector So going from 4pin to 3 pin at laser does not make sence to me dont wont to stuff up laser any help would be great thanks and setting gcode for lightburn

Watching the installation video on YouTube, it looks to me like the 3 pin adapter is only used on the 5W model.

I’m certainly no Atomstack expert, tho.

yes but showing it on 20w allso i think you must be correct put up piture thanks for reply

Unfortunately, the translated Chinese instructions included with most things are quite poor. If you can spare the extra couple days downtime and don’t get a good answer here, it wouldn’t hurt to send Atomstack an email asking for clarification.

This installation video indicates that there should actually be a 5-pin to 4-pin cable. Don’t focus on the number of wires, only the number of pins on the connector.

thanks berainlb looking at atomstack description of AIC1 Auto Assist System at there website there showing its a 7 pin female connector on the aici laser lead and then on another piture its 4pin going straight to laser should have said i was looking for manual while waitng for it to arrive when i found this problem in description of installation my power button on my controller want stay down and have to stick tie strap end in to hold it down worst comes to worst if the new controller does not connect ill swap switch pricey switch $129 au thanks for your help ps you mite have to save images and zoom in

Look directly at your actual laser module header. There are hopefully labels for pin assignment. What are they? Typically this would be G, PWM/TTL, V. If there’s a fourth it’s likely for a sensor of some type, either temp or possibly fan speed.

no markings took top cover off maybe on other side of board would have to remove board the top piture is 7 pin has 5wires going in and to spare on the ends have save piture and zoom in to see then the bottom shows 4pin into laser so i think the bottom piture is correct so i dont need a adaptor cable if you look at there web site you will see what i mean i think they stuffed up a bit like there manuals are rubbish thanks again for all your help just have to wait for it here is a piture from there site of fully installed aici controller on atomstack 20w series laser showing 4pin straight into laser think its all good

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