Atomstack Web Interface (index.htm.gz)


I’m looking for a bit of help.

Can anyone who has an atomstack please save the Web Interface File (index.html.gz) please?

It seems that Atomstack uses their own 2D (X+Y) WebUI file (index.html.gz) and they don’t use the ESP3D-WebUI file.

Hence I was wondering if someone could kindly save their intex.html.gz file and upload it as it’s not available on the Atomstack Support website

Warning… if you update your firmware (available on the Atomstack support website)… you will overwrite this file… ask me how I know (to be fair I did not get the WebUI working correctly as a device on my network which it now does do before I updated my firmware)

Hi… Im new here , got the x7 pro 10, and definitely updated the firmware as it said i had to … Rn now trying to figure out how to connect the bridge and having issues but this post ads another stress. I’m 5 or 6 days until my return limit so i need to figure it all asap or I’ll just send it back but that would be annoying too.