Atomstack will no longer home

While this may not be a Lightburn question but my Atomstack X7 no longer homes. It says the home function is not turned on. It is turned on in Lightburn but I am guessing it is a firmware issue?
Any advice will be appreciated!

Check if configuration $22=1. That enable home function.

Thanks it now does the home cycle, but it is ignoring the limit switches. Here are my settings.
$S20 true
$S21 true
$S22 true
$S24 25.0
$S25 500
$S26 100
$S27 100

What do you mean by ignoring the limit switches?

Make sure that $21=1.

Did you recently make a number of configuration changes or apply some update? These configurations don’t change on their own. I’m concerned that you’re seeing multiple issues.

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