Atomstack X-axis issue

Hello! So I started a project today on my A5 PRO and the x-axis randomly started “jumping"/grinding. It is not a constant jump, the axis travels (about 1/4”-1/2”) then I get a jump/grind, travels then jumps again. So some of the line work is distorted.

This is the first time it started doing this and Im kind of clueless as to what it could be, but I think it is the x-axis rotary box that has the connector. I have already loosened and secured all screws, unplugged all connections, checked/moved the belt and issue still persists. I have contacted atomstack about it but I have a project for a client with a deadline coming up! So trying to find a quick fix to my issue. All settings are the same since I got the machine (2/7/22) so I doubt that is the problem but I could be wrong. Please help! I have a video but cannot post it but I can send it to your email, thank you!

First guess, In LightBurn click Edit, wheel down to Device Settings.
In that window, switch off Auto-home on startup.

When you unhook one of the axis drive motors to run the rotary, the engraver can’t find home because the limit switch is still on the engraver. If this is the problem then the jumping/grinding behaviour is on startup only.

Thank you for the response JohnJohn, Auto-home is already off on my settings. I still tried what you recommended but that did not fix the issue. Sorry for not being more specific about the problem, I have edited the post with a little more information.

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If you are willing you can upload your LightBurn file here to the forum.
If it’s private you can send it to me in a direct message.

Flood fill settings can create many short jumps in succession and if an engraver is close to the maximum speeds and accelerations it can lose motion and behave unexpectedly.

Olá estou com o mesmo problema, acharam alguma solução?