Atomstack x20 doesnt cut oder engrave with Lightburn

hi there,
I hope this is rihght chanel.

I have a Atomstack x20 pro and udes LaserGRBL. Now i changed to LIGHTBURN.

Use the Laser with SD card. LaserGRBL worked good.

But now the problem with Lightburn.

The laser traces the paths, but does not engrave or cut.

I have tried engraving and cutting spar.

20% power engraving

50% cutting.

The laser lights up when it moves but does not engrave or cut.

Can you help me?

3000 mm/min seems more appropriate for a diode laser.

Diode lasers generally use mm/minute, rather than mm/second.

If LightBurn is currently set to use mm/sec, try switching to mm/min with the same numeric value.


Hey ednisley,

Yes! Thank you so much.

That is of course logical. Stupid mistake on my part

I have a stack of t-shirts with that legend. :grin:

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