AtomStack X20 Pro 130W Macros for common materials


I have a brand new AtomStack X20 Pro 130W Laser Cutter/Engraver … with LaserGRBL I can cut stuff, but I choose the recommended LightBurn so that I could confidently import .DXF files and get cuts and prints on wood and paper.

The problem is that LighBurn seems to control the laser movement, but I want the Macros to adjust speed and power for my most common parts.

I need recommendations to set Macros for:

Thin tan/brown Paper
3mm thick tan/brown cardboard
3mm thick soft wood
3mm thick hard wood
5mm thick soft wood
5mm thick hard wood

Are these “Macros” a feature in LaserGRBL? Does the LB Material Library not provide the functionality you need?


LightBurn software shows six empty Macros … I want to fill them with the more common settings I plan to use if possible.

It sounds like you’re trying to use the Macros to define power and speed. In LightBurn this is typically done with the Cuts / Layers settings.

Those settings are persistent for a given project.

If you want a libray of settings for various materials you achieve that using the Material Library.


At the bottom of the LightBurn window is the “Library” tab and when I click on that it’s a blank screen and when I try to “Load” a library, I don’t see any Library files ???

How do I download the AtomStack X20 Pro 130W Materials Library?


You need to create and populate the library. There may be someone who has already created one and shared it but I’m not aware of any myself.

Atezr-20W.clb (63.3 KB)

That should get you a place to start. I know it says Atezr 20W, but all current quad diode machines should have reasonably close settings. I’m pretty sure your X20 Pro 130 is a 20W quad diode.

Save the clb file to a known location. I created a set of nested folders for organization…Lightburn Files/Libraries/Materials, in this case. Do whatever makes sense for you. So, I’d save the CLB to the “materials” folder. Then, in Lightburn library tab, click “load” and navigate to the CLB file you just saved. This should populate the library tab.

You will very likely need to adjust these baseline settings to suit your machine/workflow/preferences, but I think that’s another topic (Lightburn help docs are available)

Don’t forget to “save” any edits you make.

You can also add new entries directly from the cut/layer window.


Thank you for the " Atezr-20W.clb) (63.3 KB)" library … I guess it is a great start for me to customize as I learn more using my AtomStack X20 Pro 130W laser machine.


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