AtomStack x20 pro Adjustment

Hello dear.

Help me set up Atomstack x20 pro from the beginning to the end, please.

I have problems with laser operation.

  1. The working area of the laser is 400x400, but it feels like the Y axis is a maximum of 200-250 mm, and the X axis is a maximum of 350. Therefore, when I launch a project, the laser cuts everything out normally at first, and then in the middle of the work it will crack sharply, the coordinates get lost and it spoils the previously burned project. What to do?

  2. When pressing the “initial position” button, the laser moves very quickly along the X-axis and crashes into the Y-axis, then travels slowly to the zero point (x:0; y:0), reaches and begins to jerk sharply in different directions and stops allegedly found the zero position and is ready to work.

  3. I work through a USB connection, turn on the air compressor to a minimum, start cutting the project, everything goes well for a while, but then the laser stops, the beam continues to burn, there is a loss of connection. We have to reconnect and so on indefinitely. Is there a solution to these problems?

I will be very grateful to you for your help, friends!
Have a nice day!