ATOMSTACK X20 PRO - Axis calibration

Would the problem he is having be the same as mine. Lets say i make a perfect circle on the grid and set it to line at 100%. When i frame it …#1 the laser doesnt come out to where it shows it on screen. #2 when it frames it its framing it as an elongated oval. Almost like the width and height are reversed and the x & y are reversed. When i do a piece i have to manipulate the artwork and keep framing it until i get what i need. Most of the time it ends up off the grid on the screen in lightburn but dead center of the machines workspace.

Mine homes in the front left where the linit switch is

Sorry i didn’t respond sooner…I never “Calibrated” axis Xor Y…Once i figured that out…By reading the book a little more carefully…I calibrated it and it works perfect now

The problem of axis calibration is different than what was in the original post. I’m glad you’ve got this sorted out.

Your cuts look perfect!

Oh im sorry yes the problem with getting the Circle turning out to be oval. I have to flip true false swit h the the device settings. Then after that i had to calibrate the axis. I use the laser location icon in the toolbar and i would ick the center X:200 and Y:200… When it came from home it went to X:95, Y:100. Yes it was. That far off…lol…Every once in while i will load a program and it will be bigger than my area. Just a learning curve.Oh and thanks those gears came out really good.

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