Atomstack X20 PRO not correctly recognized

My laser is an Atomstack X20 Pro.
I’m tryng lightburn version 1.5.06. It does not correctly recognize the laser, proposing approximate hardware, with a working area of 100x100mm, and an s-value = 225 (if I remember correctly). I manually set a working area of 400x400mm, but the laser had no power. After searching online, I set the value of s-value max = 1500.

I did some material tests, but I noticed an anomalous behavior with the speed variation. From 8000mm/min to 3000mm/min the speed remains practically the same. At 2000mm/min it slows down significantly.


  1. why doesn’t lightburn recognize the laser?
  2. what is the correct value of s-value max?
  3. Why doesn’t the speed vary linearly with the set values?


S value and $30 value need to be the same, usually 1000
Device Settings - LightBurn Documentation (

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