Atomstack X20 Pro teething issues / poor QC

Apart from the fact that only 2 of 3 packages have arrived (honeycomb workbed is still somewhere in transit) there is something rattling around in the laser. It does not seem to affect performance but… :grimacing:

It also arrived with the x-axis eccentric adjusted super tight. Which I think has put a flat spot on the guide wheels.

I loosened it off but it feels decidedly “bumpy” every 70mm when pushed manually. This shows up in lines drawn in the x direction as a bump every 70mm. If tighten the eccentric it squashes the wheels and the wobble is almost gone but it now skips steps. If I loosen it off the bumps are back.

I have asked support for a new set of wheels but considering how much this 20W diode laser cost and the other issues I’m not happy.

loosen it off completely and leave it for a day. And The flat spots should come out. (My x7 was the same way) then adjust normally.

Thanks Jim, I’ll give it a go.

No improvement. I’ve ordered new v-wheels.

They must have been really flattened. Probably the best way to go. Them rollers are surprisingly soft. If I tighten the eccentric a tad too much and come back to the machine a few days later I will feel a flat spot. There are two factors at play here, If the belt is too tight it’ll flatten the top one’s, if the nut is too tight it’ll flatten all 3. When setting it up get the carriage set up first running freely without any play or wobbles then the belt with moderate tension but not stretched. Best of luck.

PS. If you can feel the flat spots on the rollers you could try dipping that section in hot water a few times without getting water into the bearing.

Have a listen to this, it is with the belt and eccentric loosened right off:

This is after wiping down the track and wheels.

By spinning the wheels each a separate amount and very carefully adjusting the eccentric and belt tension I got the bumps to spread out and be almost imperceptible in the cut but I’d prefer to eliminate the issue altogether. The Y-axis is buttery smooth because that came unassembled.

One other contributing factor may be that it is only about 14°C in my workshop so that may be preventing the wheels from relaxing back into shape.

I’ve bought polycarbonate extra heavy duty wheels, complete overkill but the Delrin versions were out of stock at my local supplier.

Still no sign of the honeycomb workbed. The shipment is listed as delivered so I guess I’ll raise a refund with PayPal.

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It’s a shame that this happened you, because I think it spoiled the start of a real good experience.

I’m not going to let it stop me. I’ve seen some excellent results ignoring the affected areas.

I’ll get it fixed eventually.

On the plus side I am super impressed with Lightburn. I’ve used a few different CAD packages over the years (Protel/Altium, Fusion360, etc…) and was expecting some sort of learning curve to pick up how things were done in this software, but it has just been plain sailing. I’ve found everything from calibration to design and cut extremely logical and well thought out. The developer has done a brilliant job.

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New wheels installed tonight, which produced a flawless 10x10mm grid cut across the entire 400x400mm area.

When I roll 2 of the three removed wheels across a flat pane of glass I can see the wobble. I can’t see it with the naked eye - maybe a scratch on the v side of one wheel.

Also the courier called to say they have found my third package held up at customs for some reason. So that looks like being resolved soon too.

Now… on to designing a smoke containing chamber. The exhaust fan in my workshop just isn’t up to the job.

Hi All

New to the forum, but just read your thread. I bought the S20 Pro (same as X except in silver) and so far very happy. I am still waiting for the rotary attachment which was also delayed for some reason.

What is your plan for the smoke chamber? I am keen to make one too

2020 extrusion and amber tint acrylic. 700 mm W x 700 D x 400 H mm.

It added up to about $300 AUD for the extrusion and fittings and less than $100 for the acrylic. Plus some MDF for the base and one side (easier to cut the extractor fan hole than acrylic, and I don’t need to look or light through that side).

I’ll take some photos when I’m done. The extrusion is on the slow boat from China though.

Great thanks, looking forward to seeing the result

I noticed the same issue with the X Axis, lumpy right out of the box and eccentric WAY to tight. I’ve managed to get it dialed in fairly well now maybe an occasional 0.1mm variance in movement measured with a dial indicator. Also, noticed quite a bit of backlash with the preassembled rail, still playing with that but believe it’s likely a belt tension issue.

I’m not in it for cutting precise parts, more artsy stuff so not super concerned but be prepared to play around with it to get a decent level of accuracy.

Yeah you should be able to virtually eliminate backlash unless the motor drive toothed gear is loose.

New wheels on the X-axis solved the bumpy movement for me.

Do report these issues to Atomstack support. That way hopefully they can improve.

I’ve actually found them fairly responsive with support. I inquired about the backlash and they have asked me to send a video to try and help me sort out the issue. I’m not brand new to belt and wheel machines but it’s been a while… for me im quite happy with .005-.008” tolerances but was getting around .012-.015” backlash when I was playing around with it on the weekend.

Really it’s a fairly reasonable price point considering the power output.