Atomstack X30 Laser Module Air Assist

Just wanted to give a heads up to anybody that has this particular laser module - or any module with air assist nozzle and there is some type of airflow restriction at the laser module. You can check how easy or difficult it is by disconnecting from the air pump and blowing into the air tubing. This will let you know whether or not it’s really difficult or easy.

I noticed when I disconnected the air assist line from the air pump, and I blew into it, there was significant restriction. There is nothing in the latex line, clear as a bell. So I disconnect the module, and removed the air assist nozzle and when I looked into the line/feed nipple that the latex tubing goes on to, it was very small. I blew into the line/feed where the tubing would be connected and it was really restricted. Since this was very restricted, I then took out my drill and some drill bits. It appears that the width of the line/feed was 5/64 of an inch. After close examination, I could see that I could widen this without compromising the sides of the line/feet nipple. So then using two different size drill bits, one smaller - than another one which was larger, I ended up increasing the opening for the line/feed to 1/8 of an inch - making it bigger, but not compromising the line/feed by going too far and coming out the other side of the air assist nozzle - or too wide and ruining the line/feed tubing connect port. I then blew into the hole and it was wonderful. I cleaned everything up making sure there was no drill shavings inside the nipple, and I then connected the air assist line back on the air pump, turned my machine on with the air pump, and oh my God, the amount of air coming out was fantastic. It has definitely increased the quality of my cuts with absolutely no burning/charring whatsoever, and I noticed that the view glass on my laser module does not get dirty as often as it used to.

I just couldn’t believe it. Why it was so restricted with a smaller opening makes no sense. Making it bigger made a world of difference. Just a thought to anybody out there that’s handy, as most people that buy, assemble, and maintain their lasers are capable of doing this. PS. I use a Vivosun 90Lm air pump. 3 times the standard 30Lm pumps.


Those with straight in tubing can definitely benefit. Those with a curved fitting are screwed.

There is the possibility that the fitting was adequate for a 30mL pump.

I merely upgraded my pump to run several lasers. Even with a 30 mL pump, it was restricted. The difference making the inside diameter 1/8" is simply incredible. I just did my M50 Atomstack laser module air assist too. Now both pump out fantastic air and absolutely no charring or any type of debris on my material. Just wonderful