atomstack X40 Max

hello everyone I am a new user my question is would my atomstack X40 max laser work with the functions of the lightburn Dsp to use the max and min power value to make cuts without burning at the start of my cut thank you of your help

isnt the max a GRBL controller Diode laser?
Lightburn DSP license - incorporates GRBL devices too
So as long as you select GRBL controller you should be ok

No. As @gilaraujo points out, this is a Grbl based device and will not take advantage of the DSP features as they are different control systems.

Share the details of what you intend to accomplish, and we may have suggested workflows that could potentially work for your needs.

my problem is that when I cut wood my laser power burns at the start of the cut and at the end because I have no minimum power and even if I lower my percentage I would have to make several passes and that extends the cutting time. And where can I know the information of my laser on the support controller like grbl or a Ruida or trocen or marlin etc.

Any chance you set your machine automaticly in “find my laser” and you have GRBL M3 setup instead of GRBL

The edge burning is typical of M3 mode, lacking power control on the decelerations

Go to Edit _> device settings
Take screenshot please?

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if I understand correctly I don’t need lightburn dsp for my laser model the few more functions are mainly used for C02 machines

Correct, make just sure you selected GRBL (Top of the list) as your controller and not GRBL M3

thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it

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no worries
so to confirm
Double click your profile > make sure is GRBL top , not m3 or LPC

then EDIT > Device settigns
make sure these match

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