Atomstack x7 low power output

My Atomstack x7 seems to be outputting less power when run with Lightburn than it does with their LaserGBRL. I’ve scoured the settings and can’t for the life of me figure out what is different, I’ve found people with similar issues but none of their fixes have helped. I’ve messed around with the cutting profiles, tested the exact same profile between the 2 programs and got significantly less power output from lightburn. I’d really appreciate any assistance

These are my machine settings on both programs. I had a similar issue when trying to use laserweb and couldnt figure it out then either

Im unfamiliar with laserGRBL but I assume you set the laser speed and power in much the same way as you du in lightburn?

so if you set it to 1000mm and 50% in both softwares and engrave the same image ont he same material, how different are the engravings? pictures would help :slight_smile:

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