Atomstack X7 pro - Help Plz

I can’t make the recording, it has the Stanley logo.

My recordings are black.

Can anyone help me please? Thanks.

Thanks for sharing a photo of your laser’s output. It looks like you need to increase your power and possibly decrease your speed. It’s hard to say without seeing your settings.

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Thanks for answering.

Below are the settings:

Speed: 750
Maximum Power: 100%
Mode: Fill

Decrease your speed and try again. Make sure your laser is focused on your material. Are you using a unit of measurement in your settings that is better for diode?

Type $$ into your console window and make sure the number you receive for $30= is the same as what shows in your device settings under ‘s value max’. This number tells LightBurn how to represent 100% power for your machine.


$30=1000.000 and the S. Value Max. is 1.000

As Jess has said, these two values have to be the same, so unless the S value you have shown is a typo, change it to 1000.

the value is already 1,000