Atomstak x20 pro, issue with error 20

I can’t burn anything with my new Atomstak x 20 using lightburn, the device is recognized, the coordinates are correct and even it frames correctly the images but when I try to play it burns a line and stops giving the following error : error:20
Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block.
On or near line 1:
Job halted
Can that be due to some configuration I missed to set up? thanks in advance.

Can you do “Save gcode” from Laser window and save with a .txt extension. Then upload the gcode file here please.

yes of course

test file.txt (3.5 KB)

the file are just some lines for testing

You’ve configured the laser as an iLaser but you want GRBL. Take a look at this post:

Thanks so much!! the problem is solved it was that wrong configuration the issue

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