Attractive Script single lone font (Non SHX) file support?

I’m trying to find either attractive SHX single line faults or else I’d like to figure out how to use OTF fonts in lightburn. I can’t find anything that is an attractive script in SHX fonts but I’ve seen several that are monline OTF fonts. The trouble is when I use an OTF font in lightburn it is treated just like a TTF font.


Why is that a problem, exactly?

It’s a problem becuase the monoline otf font is being treated like a TTF in lightburn rather than an SHX font. When I select text and choose the OTF font lightburn doesn’t show it as a single line. Instead it shows the outline of what looks like a TTF. I thought OTF fonts were supposed to be treated like SHX fonts

“Eye of the beholder” thing here, but there are script style SHX fonts. Attractive? Different question. :wink:

OTF is based on TTF. There’s not a huge difference other than the addition of the Compact Font Format table (just a diff way of storing the shapes) allowed in OTF fonts. But either way they are designed for print or display and still have to be closed shapes. Those closed shapes may have overlapping lines to fake being an open, single like character glyph but they are still a closed loop shape and LightBurn can only do so much with that format.

SHX is the only option for “True” single line fonts.

Ok thanks for clearing that up. When I searched for single line fonts I kept seeing OTF fonts mentioned for use in CNC and engraving. I assumed they were most like SHX fonts consisting of a true single line.

Thanks again .

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