Audible Tone or In Process Light when Laser is Firing

Is there a way to add an audible tone/chime or In Process Light {like a CNC Machine has} anytime the laser is firing? I ran into an issue today where i thought the machine was just framing, but turns out the laser was firing. Sure, its my fault but some secondary notifier the laser itself is being commanded to fire sure would be nice.

GRBL controllers don’t return a status indication for what was once the machine spindle state and Ruida controllers don’t return any status at all, so LightBurn can’t know what the laser is doing.

You could hard-wire a stack light to the laser control signal, although having it blink at the same rate as the laser might be disorienting.

lightburn is sending the comand to fire the laser, nothing to do with the controller, which is a BJJCZ. Simple software implementation.

An example would be the “Start” button in the software. The icon is black. This icon could be Green when the laser is off, and Blinking Red while the Laser is firing. This would be a simple implementation of the machine state via visible cue.

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