Aufero Laser 1 Materials Reference

Hi Folx,

New here - just got my first laser, a Aufero Laser 1 with the LU2-4-SF laser. Loving it so far, but I have a question.

Ortur has a materials reference page, at Laser Master 2 Pro & Aufero Laser 1 Materials Reference – Ortur which tells suggested settings for materials.

I can’t see where all this information goes in Lightburn. The Lines per Minute make sense, but what is M3, M4, or S1000 or 500? And the speeds in LPM seem very fast.

It feels like the needed info would be the Speed, the power setting and the number of passes. Does this information translate?

I’m excited to start learning this. I have successfully burned a few coasters, a tile underlay/alignment pattern (using the Norton Tile method, which worked fantastically). I want to make some little geeky, funny and local signs for sale at local cons.

Thank you!

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