Aufero Laser 2 Camera Setup

Hello All!

I own an Aufero Laser 2 and plan on purchasing a camera from the light burn website (the 5 megapixel 120 Degree camera) along with the mount for it.

When reviewing the camera document and video I came across this statement:

" The camera system depends on the camera being in the same position relative to the work area of your laser and the same distance from the top of the material. If your laser uses a variable focus distance instead of a variable height work table , you will need to align for the material height you are using."

This is the laser module I’m using LU2-4 SF Laser Module 24V/2A for Ortur & Aufero Engraver

Does this mean that if I wish to engrave items of different heights (z axis) I need to re-align the camera each time I wish to engrave?



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