Aufero laser halting mid job

I am having issues ever since the update as well, i am running a Aufero Laser 1 GRBL on a windows 11 inspiron laptop. Since the update, i cannot complete a job. it will sometimes get to 77% then stop. today it will only go for 2 seconds then completely stops. I have to reset each time, ive restarted, reset, home the device every time, try again and keep wasting material trying to cut a job. stops. every. time.
edit: now again it dead stops at 77%.

There’s a way to capture some more diagnostic information that will help this get sorted.

If it’s still open or openable at the point where the job failed, there could be a message in the console window that would be relevant.

Look for the word Error or Alarm and copy some of the surrounding text from that window.

If you’ve tossed the damaged projects you can run the project on a scrap or waste board.

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