Auto Exposure Issue

Hi all, just received my new Lightburn 8mp camera thanks Lightburn for the light speed dispatch.

The problem

Windows 10 Laptop
Switch on start lightburn
Update camera overlay
Looks fine

Run job on RDC 6445
Job completes successfully

Try to update overlay again and its way over exposed. The camera still shows video in the viewer but the update overlay is blown out.

Switch off auto exposure and laptop locks up.
Unplug camera and plug back in nothing.
Restart laptop and all is fine.

Things I have check
USB connection looks good, no extensions
Windows driver install no update available.
Ran in Window 8 compatibility mode

Anyone any thoughts :slight_smile:
Thanks Alan

Click the ‘Fade’ button off in the Camera Control window. The image is normally faded so it’s easier to see your design.

HI Oz tried that, if I could get the auto exposure and brightness buttons to stay permanently off that would help I think. I have used a camera before on my other machine so I know the working of it. Is there way to switch off auto exposure without it ever coming on again…


Pretty sure I am sorted, it was a cable routing issue, the USB cable was too close to the high voltage cable, must have introduced some gremlins into the mix . Hopefully sorted now. Thanks Again

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