Auto home always goes to left rear corner of my xtool, not the left front

I’m brand new here. No matter where I set my origin under settings, the laser goes to left rear corner of my machine. When I press the Y axis move button, the laser goes opposite of what I’m telling it. X axis is fine.Y axis is backwards and engraves upside down. xTool D1 Pro

The origin that machine moves to is not dictated by Lightburn… The setting in Lightburn is to let the software know where the machines origin is located.

In a normal boot on a machine that homes, it’s determined by the controller itself.

I’m not up on these machines, but maybe @berainlb can assist… he’s got a good handle on these… if I remember correctly…

Hang in there…


In general terms this is not something that you can choose. Your machine is configured to home to top-left. Your machine also happens to expect to have origin at top-left. So make sure that origin is set to top-left in Edit->Device Settings.

However, this implies that you didn’t use the xTool supplied .lbdev file to configure your laser.

If that’s the case then I’d suggest you create a new device using that file.

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

Ok. Thank you so much

Thank you so much.

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