Auto join not working, at a loss

Hello, Sorry for what seems like a repeat post, but i have read through countless others and I either cant see the wood for the trees or im just lost.

i have an arrow head image that will not auto join, weld or the likes together, I have grouped and ungrouped, zoomed in and matched lines over the top of each other, converted to path and selected auto join numerous times.

I’m still learning with the software and was used to RD Works where there was a button to join nodes, im surprised light burn doesn’t have this feature?

I have drew on the breaks with a red line to show where it isn’t joining, and also shown the direction the lines are moving, if this helps

Many thanks

In the node edit mode you have selected, if you know where the break points are located, drag one of them away, then back again to snap. This will join those two points. You can test it by grabbing the alleged joined node and moving. If both line segments move, it’s joined. You can then return it to the original location with precision by using Undo / Control-z

I’ve run into peculiar conditions in which I was unable to perform a joining in the described manner. I would later discover that I had overlapping lines or in one case, two nodes, one atop the other. Grouping isn’t a factor in this case, as best as I can tell, but it’s also a consideration.

If you care to attach your file, I’d be happy to examine it.

Hello fred,

i tried what you said but still no luck, i have isolated the file so its just the broken part in question if you can help and explain where i went wrong i would very much appreciate it.Faulty arrow.lbrn (13.4 KB)

I have run into this before also in LB and other graphic design programs. Here’s a quick work around…

  • Group your image
  • Select the “Offset Shapes” icon (ALT+O or in the TOOLS Menu or Icon located on left side menu)
  • Add a small outline. Something like .003. (Small enough offset so it will not be noticeable to the eye)
  • Delete your original image
  • Your new image will be one complete, welded shape.

That process has worked well for me in the past and can save you some time.

Good Luck!


Select everything, break apart and auto-join - done.
But, on the high side is a gap that is too big to be auti joined, it has to be assembled manually.

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Thank you for the guidance, was it really that simple :man_facepalming: its been giving me a headache for the week!

i tried the offset shape hack and it worked a dream!

Many thanks to your all for the help!

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I have the same problem regularly. I’ve found that if you use “Close Selected Paths With Tolerance”, that when you get to some large value (60-ish mm) suddenly the problem nodes will snap to where they think they belong, which is to nodes nowhere near the one you’ve been carefully zooming and snapping to. At least then you have an idea of which nodes to try playing with (usually NOT the ones you’ve been trying to join).

I’m happy to read about the outline trick - I’ll certainly be using it!!

I also have the ‘not being able to snap’ paths from time to time… very frustrating.
The outline trick helps a ton!

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