Auto place text within a circle

Is there a way to create a circle, copy/paste that text into lightburn, select the text and circle and have the font size automatically change and put all the text within that circle leaving a 1/4" from the outside and have the text be justified or centered?

You are referring to a text box, but in this case the text box is justified to a circle with defined margins? Or do you want to wrap text along a circle ?

What I am trying to do is fill the inside of an oval with text without having to manually do it. I have found: How to fill Shapes with Text in Inkscape - Inkscape SVG Tutorials and that is what I am trying to do. So if I have an ovel shape and a bunch of test I want to be able to select the text and the oval and have it optiminze the oval with the text .

I am unaware of any way to do that within lightburn. I am learning new things every time I use it so if there is a way to do it I would love to know

A link is better than a simple title… :yum: (Google shows many pages but probably not the one you mention.)

If you can do it in Inkscape, why not just import the result into LightBurn ?

Inkscape is what I ended up using. Works great, thank you all for the help and support!


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