Auto Trace Question

Hi Community, a question for all;

Say I have a photo of a cat head and I wanted to trace the outer feature lines of the cat’s head only, does any one know of a way to do this
in the auto trace without having to manually trace it out with a calm hand. I guess the question is, anyone know of a way in Lightburn
to create an outer line silhouette without having to go through other programs?

Xtool D1 10 watt with honeycomb, Windows 10,
Xtool D1 Pro, 20 watt with honeycomb and extension kit, Windows 11,
Ortur LM2 5.5 watt (not the pro), Windows 10,
Lightburn: 1.4.00

Thanks always for all the help in the past,

Lightburn’s Image Trace will not do typical “Background Removal” but there are other ways to do it… including some online tools specific to this task… Google might be your friend here.

Just my $.02.

[Edit: This one has been recommended to me before, though I have never used it. ]

If there is ample contrast between the cat and any other background imagery, the Trace tool can get you a long way to what you are after. Show us what you are working with, and we may be able to offer you some suggested workflows. :slight_smile:

You can adjust the trace tool very effectively and produce an outer line you can use for cutting or whatever.

You can use trace tool multiple times if need be. Just don’t delete the image… I put the results on a different layer, then I can turn the image off and see/work with cleaning up the resulting trace…


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