AutoCad 2006 Files lose arcs and lines

New to cutting. When I export 2006 Auto Cad DXF files to Lightburn arcs are missing or made into many small lines. Also entire lines are gone or connected to other areas, cant be used. If I convert CAD file to PDF and import then I can use the drawing but it takes a lot of clean up redrawing the curves. I can make it work but I am drawing everything 2 times pretty much. The initial design in Cad, the second in Lightburn to correct. Is there a way to import CAD files that don’t need cleanup? Am I better to switch to like “ProgecCAD” that is newer? I am pretty good with CAD so I would rather not learn a new software if I could. Thanks for any tips! John

Can you upload your DXF file and your original ACAD file here for us to take a look?

If you can attach an example DXF here along with a screen shot of how it should look I can see if there’s something our importer is missing. If you’re not comfortable posting the file here, email it to

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