Autoguidage alarme 9 (Autoguiding alarm 9)

Bonjour , je suis nouvelle dans l’utilisation de la graveuse atomstack. je viens d’installé le logiciel lighburn, il se connecte à ma machine tout semble ok sauf l’autoguide. il m’est dit alarme 9 défaillance autoguidage impossible trouver l’interrupteur de fin de course à distance de recherche. Que veux dire défini 1.5* max_travel lors de la recherche et 5* lors des phases de localisation. Merci

Hello, I am new to using the atomstack engraver. I just installed the lighburn software, it connects to my machine everything seems ok except the autoguide. I am told alarm 9 autoguiding failure unable to find limit switch within search distance. What does it mean to define 1.5* max_travel during the search and 5* during the location phases. THANKS

The values for maximum travel are Machine Settings in GRBL. They are $130, $131.

More about that here:

GRBL multiplies those travel numbers by 1.5, then moves the laser module toward home looking for both switches.

After the laser module bumps the switch, The engraver will pull away from the switch to deactivate it. It attempts this 5 times.

If there is a mechanical problem with the engraver the controller count-out too many steps without getting to a switch. The controller will then generate this error message to help the user identify the problem. The most common causes are loose drive belts, loose pulleys or set screws, an incorrectly adjusted tensioner (too loose or too tight) or another type of mechanical binding.

Incorrectly setting the axis direction or the homing direction in Machine Settings can cause this error.

Installing the homing switch in the wrong corner after extending an axis can also cause this error.

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