Automaatically aligning multiple objects on working area

Hi there!
Is there any more elegant and efficient way to automatically align all my objects over the working area than by hand?
I laser engrave pictures of people on acrylic and usually do 20-30pcs pictures per pass but I have a lot of struggle in aligning all those pictures beforehand. It takes like 1hour per hand to align them as space (and thus material) saving as possible.

Attached you can see a picture of an ideal (fully loaded) plate and one that I did by hand but that has plenty of room for improvement. I also added one sample file that I need to align on the working area. Please note that each file has a unique outer shape.

I hope my question is somewhat clear. Looking very much forward to your help.



You could try using the newly integrated option to use SVGNest in the Arrange->Nest Selected window menu. Frankly, though, I have better luck using Deepnest. It’s not likely that you’ll get better results than what you’re getting by hand but it might be “good enough” if you’re willing to give up some material for speed.

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