Automatic camera registration

Is there a way to use the camera to automatically pick up registration marks?

I don’t believe there is any optical recognition for registration marks in the Camera Calibration or in Print and Cut.

Please tell us more about the workflow you are wanting or attempting to achieve.

If you’re interested in getting some traction for a new feature please use our Feature Suggestion site. Have a look to see if it’s been previously discussed and if not, please post it there.

Any chance something like that might being development now?

I don’t see it in the current list. Thank you for adding it to Fider. That’s exactly where the developers get the next feature sets from.

I know our team will be working on several new systems and features for production environments in the near future. I can’t say much about it or offer a timeline.

I can see how your production-oriented suggestion would be of interest to the team.

Thank you for your insight and your experience.